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Cut and paste the italicized text (or your own modified text) into the form below. When you click send, your message will automatically be sent to Governor Perdue, Mike Robertson (NC DMV Commissioner) and Johanna Reese (DMV Deputy Commissioner). DMV has informed us that currently, there are two cycling questions in the pool of five questions on cycling and pedestrians. One question is pulled from this pool for every test, therefore, there is only a 1 in 5 chance that there will be a question on the test that covers cycling.

UPDATE: At our March 29, 2012 meeting, DOT/DMV was very receptive to our proposed changes to the two questions and the possibility of ensuring that at least one question covering cycling appears on every test. We are also advocating for the addition of a cycling component to the road test portion of the test and again, DOT/DMV was receptive to this idea and specifically, to the use of simulators to carry this out. Finally, DOT/DMV was in favor of retesting everyone on their ability to identify hand signals whenever renewing their license; in fact, they will begin requiring identification of at least a left turn hand signal in the near future; when the signage viewer slides are updated, hand signals will be added. Our poster of hand signals will soon be hanging in every DMV office in NC. The whole point of these initiatives is to educate motorists, both new and old. DMV is also to start airing our Public Service Announcement on the message screens in every DMV office.    

Dear Governor Perdue and Mr. Robertson,

According to NCDOT, a bicyclist is struck every 6 hours in NC. That is unacceptable and I'd like to encourage you to add a few more questions (or revise the current questions) on bicycle safety to the written portion of the NC driver's license test, such as: When a bicyclist is approached by a motor vehicle, is the bicyclist required to move off of or to the shoulder of the road?  Answer: No. A bicyclist traveling on the road has the same rights as a motor vehicle. I would also encourage you to add a comprehensive module on bicycle safety to all driver's ed curricula, add demonstration of safe passage of a bicyclist or group of cyclists to the road test portion of the driver's license test, and make it a requirement for license renewal to be able to identify arm signals (left turn, right turn and stop). I believe that making these simple changes will make motorists more aware of cyclists and their rights and could ultimately save lives and prevent cyclists from serious injury. Please go to www.theadamlittlefoundation.org for more information on our efforts to protect cyclists in North Carolina.       

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